The latest update of our measurement app smart to plan guarantees an optimization of the previous processes, but also two completely new functions that make the measurement process more precise and facilitate further processing.

Optimization of the measuring process via magnet and angle function

smart to plan Magnetfunktion

The magnet function allows the viewfinder to dock directly to pre-existing surfaces, eliminating overlaps or gaps/gaps between surfaces. This function is particularly useful for directly adjacent areas in the garden. Of course, the magnet function can also be deactivated if you do not need it.

Especially during the further processing of the measurement, the magnetic function provides time savings and easier handling, since the lines are exactly on top of each other and the surfaces do not have to be corrected again.

The angle function makes it possible to measure surfaces with angles in 45° steps during the measuring process, provided that the angles apply to the surface to be measured. The big advantage is that measurement inaccuracies are reduced. The red line indicates the selected angle on which you can move the viewfinder. Here, too, you can deactivate the function if not needed.

smart to plan Winkelfunktion

smart to plan now also available for English-speaking countries

In addition to optimizing the measurement process and workflows, the focus in the current update has been placed on multilingualism. The smart to plan measurement app is no longer only available in German-speaking countries, but also in all English-speaking countries. This means that we can now also tackle the American and British landscaping markets. More languages will follow with upcoming updates.

After the update is before the update!

Of course, we are already at it again, taking your suggestions into account, revising the app and integrating more new features.

Stay tuned! In any case, we are already planning further facilitations for gardening and landscaping!

Your smart to plan team

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