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1 month, 6 months or even a year?
Everything is possible and individually selectable.

And best of all: the first 2 weeks are free of charge.

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You can download smart to plan from the App Store as well as Google Play Store
and test it free of charge for the first 14 days.

50% discount on the annual smart to plan offer!

Our special offer: The first 1000 subscriptions over 12 months are 50% cheaper. If you are among the first thousand to buy smart to plan for 12 months, you pay only € 239.95 instead of € 479.90 for the first license!

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1 month

49,90 €
  • 1 more license = 44,90 €
  • 2 more licenses = 39,90 €
  • Try it for 14 days without subscription

49,90  / monthSubscribe

269,40  / 6 monthsSubscribe

12 months

39,90 €*
  • 1 more license = 34,90 €*
  • 2 more licenses = 29,90 €*
  • *Price per month

478,80  / 12 monthsSubscribe


Set up booking process & license

We would be happy to support you in purchasing a license. As an aid, you will find a tutorial here, in which the entire booking process is shown step by step.We also show where you can store the email address for the license to unlock the use of the app.


Do you want an individual offer?

Do you need the measurement app for a larger number of devices or a big company? Just get in touch and we will make you an individual offer!

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