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If you need help there are several options. You can contact us directly at info@smarttoplan.com or follow our Facebook group, Instagram or Linkedin channels. On our Blog you can find numerous articles that inspire and answer questions. Furthermore, the most common questions are answered below.

Your general questions about the app

  • The digital measurement function makes it possible to save a lot of time and to share and process the results immediately.
  • Several options are available to the user to provide measurements with further information. Photos, voice memos, notes, weather information and addresses can be added. The photos can also be sorted into albums. In addition, measurements can be assigned to customers.
  • Measurements can be shared using PDF and further processed on the computer using CAD.

In the introductory phase, yes. We plan to introduce our usage fees in the coming weeks, which you can find on our pricing page. However, the app will always remain free for the first two weeks with no commitment.

In this case, please write an email info@smarttoplan.com. We will contact you as soon as possible and confirm the deletion of your data.

No. We do not advertise in the app. User behaviour is not evaluated. You can find more information on Privacy Policy.

Your technical questions

  • Your device must be supported by ARCore which is an augmented reality programming interface. If this interface is available on your device, your smartphone or tablet also needs support for the depth API. This allows the device to generate depth images, detect the different surfaces and measure distances.
  • The following link will show you the devices supported by ARCore: https://developers.google.com/ar/devices. For Android devices, you will find the note "Supports Depth API" under "Comments". This indicates that your device is supported by ARCore. Regarding iOS, you can rely on the list of listed device models.
  • Basically, the rule of thumb is: The newer your iOS or Android device is, the more accurate the measurement will be.

  • As soon as the user has created an account, the app can be used on all iOS and Android devices that meet the minimum technical requirements. The data is synchronized online in real time (requirement: Internet connection).
  • The green tick next to the name of the customer or the measurement shows you whether the measurement has already been loaded into the user's cloud.

smart to plan can be downloaded from both the Apple and Google Store.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to use it without registering.

Your questions about measurements and projects

  • Before each measurement, you should calibrate your device and check the result of the calibration directly when you start the measurement. For calibration, we recommend shorter distances, the length of which you know exactly to the centimeter. The app guides you through the various steps before the measurement.
  • Hold your device as level as possible to the detected surface. You can see that the surface has been recognized by the greenish marking.
  • Try to measure surfaces that are as straight as possible, as differences in height lead to inaccuracies.
  • Whenever the viewfinder is green, you will get very precise measurement results. If the viewfinder is orange, the accuracy is slightly lower, but still very good.
  • If the detected surface is very reflective, the accuracy may decrease. Normal daylight offers the best conditions, but measurements are still possible at a later hour.
  • No measurement is possible outside of the detected surface.

It is not required, but you will find that doing this process will significantly improve your measurement accuracy. We therefore strongly recommend it.

  • Option 1: On the home page, tap the big plus (measurement). You can start measuring right away. Then name your project and assign the measurement to a customer.
  • Option 2: On the home page, tap "New Project". Then assign a project name and assign it to an existing customer or create a new customer. You can then start measuring.
  • Option 3 and 4: In the customer folder, tap on the big plus (measurement) or on "New project". You can start measuring right away. Then give your project a name. In this case, the project is already assigned to the customer to whom you wanted to assign this project. However, you can also select a different customer or create a new folder.

You can imagine your property like a drawing, therefore not more often than necessary, as you may want to process your measurement later.

Your questions about sharing measurements

  • To do this, export the project or the measurement.
  • On the project overview you will see three points at the top right. If you click on this symbol, the export options open. You can export your measurement as DXF or PDF.
  • You can then share the file via all the channels available to you on your device, e.g. B. by email or via your social media channels. If you share the measurement via PDF, the notes you have created will also be shared as well as other information you provided (address, etc.).

  • No, you can't. Every measurement begins with a main measurement - the measurement of the total area and sub-measurements can be added to this after the main measurement has been completed during the active measurement process. As soon as this project is saved, no further sub-measurements can be added to it.
  • However, if you later export the measurements as DXF, there is a possibility to merge the measurements if you have forgotten something important. To add the additional measurement to the main measurement later, you need a reference object that has the same position in both measurements. So you can import both measurements into your drawing program, superimpose them and delete the duplicate elements.

  • The scale cannot be set manually in the app. The app automatically selects the scale so that the measurement is displayed as large as possible on the PDF.
  • The measurement scale can be set individually in the web app. There is also the option of adapting the sheet format.

The unit of measurement cannot be changed at the moment.

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