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The team behind smart to plan

The smart to plan team comes from the gardening and landscaping industry and is exposed to new challenges on the construction site every day. A recurring difficulty are measurements in the outdoor area. Wind and weather lead to problems, inaccuracies and the investment of time is enormous. We were looking for simpler and, above all, digital solutions for contemporary and modern work. But we didn't find anything.

With smart to plan, we have now been able to provide the perfect solution. We are enthusiastic and are sure that it will make work easier for everyone - from amateur gardeners to professional gardeners in landscaping.

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Who is behind smart to plan?

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From problem to solution

We are a young startup company from Garbsen near Hanover, Germany. Since we all come from the gardening and landscaping industry, we can well remember the moments when we had to measure construction sites in wind and weather. Notes flew through the garden, rain made plans illegible, measuring instruments were still in the office, the pen was out of ink.

So we started looking for an app that would help in measuring. It was important for us to measure digitally, without measuring equipment and paper chaos. The problem: We didn't find anything.

So the idea for our own product for a gardening and landscaping tool was born.

At first, there was a lack of financial resources and know-how for implementation. But our passion for the idea ultimately led, with the help of enthusiastic investors, to our measurement app smart to plan. We are very proud of the result.

We were able to closely work together with the team of THIS IS! DMG. Week after week, this brought us closer to our goal. Even if our great team created a good basis for the development of the measurement app, the road was long and rocky. It took almost a year before we were able to achieve results with the app for digital measurements that were comparable to those of manual measurements.

Now we can proudly say that smart to plan is exactly what we were looking for.

First of all, we concentrate on measurements of properties, lawns, etc. to make work easier for gardeners in landscaping. Check out the Features and take a closer look at the measurement app smart to plan!

Notes flying around? With smart to plan that's history!

Our core values

Intuitive handling

Thanks to the user-friendly and modern design of our measurement app, it is easy to use smart to plan intuitively and quickly. Accessible to everyone.

Good overview

The app for measurements in the outdoor area guarantees clarity. Customer profiles can be created and projects can be given additional media.

Best working aid

smart to plan does a lot of work for you. Outside measurements are no longer a time-consuming task. Measuring is now fun and quick.


The calibration function enables exact measurements outdoors. The measurement app smart to plan provides you with precise measurements in a short time.

Digital editing

Measurements can be imported as PDF and DXF and immediately shared with others. In this way, the data can be processed digitally quickly.

Time saving

Time is money. That is why we should have as much available as possible. With smart to plan you save a lot of time that you can use for more important things.