smart to plan.
The measurement app for 75% time and cost savings.

Lost notes, forgotten measuring instruments, illegible writing. Everyone knows the problems of measuring outdoors. smart to plan helps with accurate measurements. You only need our app for saving 75% of your time and costs!


Measurements by hand are laborious, time-consuming, out of date and error-prone. So we wanted a quick, efficient, and easy-to-use solution.


smart to plan. The measurement app that reduces your work load, that you can rely on and that scores with customers thanks to its speed and precision.


smart to plan is your complete package. You not only save valuable time and money. You also make customers happy! What could be better?

All features of the measurement app

smart to plan helps with precise and fast measurements. Everything in one user-friendly app for digital measurements. smart to plan makes quick and digital measurements possible!


smart to plan produces measurements in the shortest possible time. Complicated surface shapes and surface gradients are also no problem. Measure your garden with just one app!


Measurement results can easily be saved as PDF or DXF. Therefore, they can be shared with the team, customers or friends.

User friendly

The design of smart to plan is simple and modern. The measurement app is user-friendly and allows intuitive handling. Suitable for everyone.

The app for outside measurements, GaLaBau

Further information

You can attach all kinds of media to measurements: voice recordings, pictures, notes. This means that everything is documented and nothing is forgotten.


You can access measurements online by logging into your account. You can view, edit, export and share the entire project.

Customer overview

You can create customer folders and add various projects / measurements to them. This guarantees clarity and quick access.

Make smart to plan your new companion

smart to plan offers numerous advantages

Your advantage No. 1

You save time

Open the measurement app, start a new measurement or a new project. smart to plan is user-friendly and simply designed. This saves you up to 75% time. With smart to plan, you no longer have to spend your time on extensive work. Your digital measurement app does a lot of work for you. smart to plan - digital and quick measurements for outside!

You save valuable time with the measurement app smart to app.
Enjoy working with the measurement app smart to plan
Your advantage no. 2

You have a better overview

You can create customer profiles and attach media such as (voice) notes and photos to each project. You can also easily search for customers using the search function. So you have your projects under control and can easily access them anytime, anywhere. That not only makes your life and your work in landscaping easier. It also scores with your customers.

Your advantage no. 3

You convey more competence

Your customers and your gardening team never have to wait for documents again. Because immediately after the measurement you can export a PDF or DXF from your horticultural app and share it with others. They are enthusiastic about your speed and competence. And word of competence gets around!

You are competent with the stp app for external measurements
Precise measurements with the measurement app smart to plan
Your advantage no. 4

You measure more precisely

With our calibration function, highly accurate outdoor measurements are possible in no time at all. Simply measure something you know the exact dimensions of (such as a folding rule) before the actual measurement. Nothing stands in the way of precise and digital measurements. All you need is smart to plan.

Your advantage no. 5

Your business can grow

Time saving, clear documentation, competence and thereby customer confidence: Your company will soon grow. You don't waste time on outdoor measurements, because smart to plan takes almost all the work out of this time-consuming task. You can use the time gained to grow your gardening and landscaping company.

Your company will grow with the measurement app smart to plan
Be up-to-date with the measurement app smart to plan
Your advantage no. 6

You are contemporary

In a digitized world, it's time to leave time-consuming tasks to our smartphones and computers. In order to keep up in a highly competitive market, we have to adapt to the zeitgeist. With the measurement app smart to plan, you and your company fit perfectly into the 21st century.

Enthusiastic about the numerous advantages? Then test smart to plan!

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