Almost too easy to be true

As gardeners in gardening and landscaping, we are constantly juggling several projects and tasks. We are always on the move. In a highly competitive market, customers want jobs to be completed faster and more accurately. In the following, we will show you an overview of all the features of the measurement app smart to plan which guarantee faster work.

smart to plan is the solution that reduces work, saves time and enables exact measurements outdoors. 

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smart to plan - all features of the measurement app at a glance

Smart to plan makes


With smart to plan you measure properties in a short time. Complicated surface shapes and surface gradients are also possible. Thanks to our calibration function, you can also improve the measurement accuracy. Measure your garden with just one app!

Smart to plan promises


For higher measurement accuracy, simply initiate calibration before the actual measurement. This allows you to measure something whose exact dimensions you know. Nothing stands in the way of digital outdoor measurements. All you need is smart to plan.

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Smart to plan guarantees

Good overview

You can easily create customer profiles. You have your projects and customers under control and can easily access them anytime, anywhere. This not only makes your life and your work in landscaping easier. It also scores with your customers. Customer profiles are saved for you in a customer overview. This makes it easy to access individual customers.

Smart to plan delivers

Documentation of the projects

You can attach media of all kinds such as (voice) notes and photos to every project and every customer profile. The complete project documentation is in one folder. It couldn't be easier.

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Smart to plan enables

Measurements in next to no time

Open the measurement app, start a new measurement or a new project and you're ready to go. smart to plan is user-friendly and simply designed. Therefore you save up to 75% time. With smart to plan, you no longer have to spend your time on complex tasks. Your new companion will reduce your work load. smart to plan guides you through the process for a perfect and digital measurement.

Smart to plan offers

Export of files

To process your measurements in CAD programs, you can easily export them as DXF and send them via mail, social media etc. to your colleagues or your office. Exporting as PDF is of course also possible.

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Make smart to plan your new companion for outside measurements

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