Today, we want to introduce you to an enormous advantage of smart to plan that is not obvious at first glance. In addition to the time savings, the exact measurements, the great overview of customers and projects in just one app, the export function, etc., the measurement app smart to plan provides further advantages that we only really became aware of after we had been using smart to plan for a few weeks. Suddenly the piles of paper that otherwise accumulated on our desks were gone. This not only spares your nerves, because you no longer have to flip through pages wildly to find a measurement or a customer, but it is an enormous relief, especially for nature.

As gardeners, we naturally attach great importance to an intact climate and the most intact nature possible. It is important to us not to pollute nature or harm the climate. We pay attention to gentle soil cultivation, natural fertilizers, select the optimal plants for the respective climate, use electricity and non-gasoline-powered devices where possible, etc. With smart to plan we are now doing another good thing for the climate. We save paper.

We would like to introduce you to a few facts and figures on the use of paper

Paper is a valuable resource that is used and consumed in every company, even if most companies are increasingly careful to make offices as paperless as possible. Nevertheless, the use or waste of paper is often inconsiderate and wasteful. On average, every employee in a German office prints an astonishing 40 pages a day, most of which are superfluous. These are misprints or emails that are only read once.

According to WWF per capita paper consumption in Germany is still rising steadily and almost every second industrially felled tree worldwide is processed into paper. Because the extraction of raw materials for the manufacture of paper and its industrial production have a strong impact on the environment, paper consumption is directly linked to land and resource consumption, water waste and climate change.

Deforestation paper production - smart to plan paper conservation and climate protection

Avoiding paper: benefits for you and nature

If paper consumption falls, less forest is cut down and flora and fauna are less negatively affected. By saving paper, there are fewer CO2 emissions from deforestation and the energy consumption that is required for logging, transport and further processing. The resource water is also conserved, since enormous amounts of water are required to manufacture paper.

If you switch to paperless processes, as is possible in gardening and landscaping with smart to plan, you also automatically save costs. It also improves the image of a company to think sustainably and actively support environmental protection.

With smart to plan you are doing something to protect the climate. Every action counts to protect the climate, which is why it is worth switching to paperless processes, which is easily possible with digital solutions.

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